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5210 Let's Go!

USDA Child & Adult Care Food Program 

The Vaughan Learning Center is proudly apart of the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) which reimburses the center for the food served daily; this program has proven to be beneficial due to the healthy policies enforced and implemented. The CACFP believes that nutritious meals and snacks are at the core of a healthy lifestyle. 


Our center believes in a healthy lifestyle for everyone; with that being said, the food program that we utilize has a well-balanced menu on a daily basis that is appropriate for each age group. The cook is knowledgeable in nutritious, efficient, and delicious meals inspired by the "Let's Go" obesity prevention initiative. The goal is to bring healthy ways of living that are backed by science into the daily life of children and adults in child care, school, health care, work, etc. We have been recognized many times for our successful participation in this program. A menu is provided to the classrooms and on the private Facebook page on a weekly basis. 

We are a NUT-FREE facility!

Watercolor Tomato
Watercolor Cucumber

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