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In this program, the schedule is based upon the child's needs.  It is a play-based program with feeding, napping and play time being implemented throughout the day.  Our ratio is one staff per every four children.

Infant Room (6 wks. - 12 mos.)


Little Tots (13 mos. - 24 mos.)

This program is designed specifically to help toddlers begin to transition to a more structured daily routine.  They will continue learning; sharing, early sign language skills, manners, and other developmentally appropriate skills. Our ratio for this group is one staff per five children. 


Big Tots (2 yrs. - 3 yrs.)

This is a play based program with a more structured routine including time outside, circle time, structured play as well as free play.

At this age, we are working on helping your child learn self help skills including dressing, using utensils during our family style meals, and toilet training. Modeling these skills at home is helpful! Our ratio for this group is one staff per every six children. 


In this program, your child will benefit from a traditional preschool program including a theme based curriculum. They will be working on colors, shapes, number and letter recognition. Using this theme based curriculum they will be immersed in exploratory activities both teacher-directed and self-directed that will help in all development areas including physical, cognitive, social and emotional. Our ratio for this group is one staff per every eight children. 

Preschool (3 yrs.- 4yrs.)

Pre-K (4 yrs.- 5 yrs.

In our Pre-K program, your child will participate in unique and age-appropriate learning experiences. While still being a play based group, the children will also be working on participating in teacher-led group activities, counting,writing,sorting, graphing along with so much more. They will also have exposure to science, arts, math, language and more. Our ratio for this group is one staff to every twelve children.   

Enrichment Programs

Some enrichment programs that we offer are Mt. Top Music, Jeanne Limmer, Zumba and Believe in Books Literacy Foundation.
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