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The Vaughan Learning Center (Formally known as North Conway Daycare), has been in operation since 1972. It was the first licensed day care facility in Mount Washington Valley. Our staff of warm and caring individuals meets state requirements for early childhood education. They have CPR and First Aid training and certification, and they continue to update their education.

The center is located in the Reverence For Life Building on Main Street, North Conway Village. Its facility offers 8700 square feet of space, a large, fenced, well-equipped playground, and is licensed to serve 100 children from ages 6 weeks to 12 years of age. We are in operation Monday thru Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

The First Church of Christ, Congregational of North Conway provides donations of rent, utilities and insurance in the amount of $34,000 annually. This donation serves to benefit working parents by allowing us to charge an affordable rate. We also receive Title XX funding from the State of New Hampshire, which is a grant that families can apply for and help further defray the cost of child care.

                     Program Philosophy    

We believe that play is essential in learning for young children. Play is the basis for learning in our program.  Children will be immersed in exploratory activities that will help development in all areas, including physical, cognitive, social and emotional. It is our belief that a good program offers both directed and non-directed experiences, encouraging your child to plan and think about their actions. Each room provides a child-centered environment with a wide range of materials and developmentally appropriate activities, which will allow your child to create, manipulate, explore and discover according to their particular and unique interest.


  We are committed to providing safe, affordable, high-quality childcare for your children. We are also committed to having a partnership with our families. We feel that partnerships between families and the center are essential to the growth and development of the individual child. We are committed to lower child-to-teacher ratios which enable teachers to:

  • Spend more time with each child, developing closer teacher-child bonds of affection, trust and respect.

  • Assess carefully each child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth and progress to individualize the program accordingly.

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